Date and place of birth
Algirdas Butkevičius was born on 19 November 1958 in Paežeriai Village, Radviliškis District

Education background
Doctoral Degree in Social Scieneces (Economics)
2001 Traineeship in Lincoln Institute, Boston, USA
1999 Traineeship in Washington, USA
1999 Traineeship in Austin, Texas, USA
1998 Traineeship in Copenhagen, Denmark
1995 Master’s Degree in Management, Kaunas University of Technology
1994 Traineeship, Management Academy in Würzburg, Germany
1990-1991 Technical Manager‘s Qualification, Lithuanian Management Academy
1984 Diploma of Engineering Economist, Faculty of Economics, Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute (now – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)
1977 Šeduva Secondary School, district of Radviliškis

Work experience
Since 2012
 Prime Minister, 16th Government of the Republic of Lithuania
2006-2008 Minister of Transport and Communications, 14th Government of the Republic of Lithuania
2004-2005 Minister of Finance, 12 and 13 Government of the Republic of Lithuania
1995-1996 Director of Market Research and Marketing, Joint Stock Company AB Vilkasta
1991-1995 Deputy Governor, Vilkaviškis district
1985-1990 Architect, Executive Committee of Vilkaviškis district; Inspector, State Construction and Architecture Unit
1982-1985 Construction Site Manager, Industrial Association Žemūktechnika, Vilkaviškis District

Political career

Since 2012 Member of the 11th Seimas
1996–2012 Member of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Seimas. He has served on the following committees: Committee on Budget and Finance (Chairman in 2001-2004; Deputy Chairman and Committee Member in 2008-2012), Committee on European Affairs (2005–2006) and Committee on Economics (2006–2008), , Seimas Delegation to the Assembly of Western European Union (Deputy Chairman in 20085-2012), Leader of the Opposition (2008-2012).
2000-2002 Member of the Municipal Council of Vilkaviškis district
1995-1997 Member of the Municipal Board of Vilkaviškis district
1990-1997 Member of the Municipal Council of Vilkaviškis district

Since 2009 Chairman of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
1999-2005 Deputy Chairman of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
1995-1997 Chairman of Vilkaviškis Department of the Social Democratic Party
Since 1992 Member of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party

Honorary Citizen of Vilkaviškis District and Radviliškis District
2004 Awarded the Cross of Commander of the Order for Merits to Lithuania
Interested in national and municipal financial management, taxation policies, etc.
Hobbies: literature, sports, etc.
Foreign languages: Russian and English
Family: wife Janina, daughter Indrė, son-in-law Evaldas, granddaughter Kamilė